Top 5 SEO plugins for WordPress Websites

WordPress is most popular website configuration tool around the globe currently. Backed by PHP and MySQL languages this content management tool is easy and efficient enough for a web developer to create beautiful and SEO friendly websites. Most of the web developers prefer to use WordPress. Some Plugins come with WordPress by default, others Plugins are created by third-party vendors to make web developers job easy. In this blog WordPress Help Support discuss about the most frequently used Plugins that plays vital role in blog development.

Yaost SEO: Yaost SEO is most preferred and recommended tool by experts. With Yao you can add several important features like meta description, SEO title, meta keywords, open graph meta data, twitter data, site map to the posts and pages of your site.

Let us have a look at the few of the features of WordPress

  • With Yaost search engine Plugin page, you can have a page preview of so that you can have an idea about the length of title tags and meta descriptions
  • Yaost SEO presents XML sitemaps that enables you to drag and place contents on your blog
  • This plugin help blogger to manage place among blog posts, title and description so that you can have a better look and feel and at the same time the whole space gets utilized.
  • It runs a detail analysis on contents of your page and informs you that where you need to improvement to make a stronger presence on search engine
  • You can use meta robot tags to make an index page and use canonical tag to remove duplicate content
  • All in one SEO pack: This Plugin comes with WordPress website by default. There are few prime reasons why it is most preferred by web developers after Yao SEO.

  • Like Yao SEO this Plugin also provide XML site map support
  • This gives developers an easy access to change the look and feel of contents on various social media websites like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • It helps you attach images to each and every post of that are there on social media
  • With all in one SEO pack you can access the debug tools that are there in Facebook
  • This Plugin provides support to Schema.org and Google knowledge graph
  • Additionally, this Plugin helps you to get access to variety of modules that are built for various types of users
  • You get basic All in one SEO pack Plugin free from WordPress.org. But it comes with many other advance versions like individual version, business version, agency version. To avail any of these versions you have to pay some amount in dollar. The very best part of this Plugin is that when you install this Plugin in your workspace environment, it doesn’t activate all of its features. You can activate them one after one as per your choice.

SEO Famework: This fast WordPress plugin comes with WordPress by default. This Plugin gives an easy entry to users to SEO. Set up of this Plugin is comparatively easy. With this Plugin you can easily transfer data to social websites. This Plugin acts as a shield for error 404. Plus, it updates search engines and site maps automatically as soon as error occurs. Below are the few reasons what makes SEO framework Plugin so important

  • To improve search presence of your website it ranks your website with respect to characteristics
  • Provide supports to several types of custom posts like WooCommerce, bbPress etc.
  • With the help of SEO framework tool, you can regulate SEO with global options
  • Full optimization of metadata is possible because of this Plugin
  • You can also fully optimize public pages, posts etc.
  • Since some of its features are preconfigured it provides good starting point for many websites
  • It has got Output structured data which helps search engines to know your page in detail
  • SEO framework tool helps your page to get rid of duplicate content
  • Its SEO bar and pixel counter help you to improve SEO
  • Takes well care of your privacy

SEMrush: This tool helps users to analyze and study competitor’s strategy to improve their own SEO. However, SEMrush is not a free Plugin. You need to buy it and it is one of the most widely used Plugin among the web bloggers. Let us see how it works

  • It can check the quality of article with respect to readability, keywords, and words
  • It compares contents with Flesch-Kincaid reading-ease score and determines complexity of words
  • It let you know about volume and difficulty of the keywords that you have used
  • It also provides you similar types of keywords which can be added to your content

This Plugin is not only used for SEO purpose but it has made it place among astrologers, design specialist and coaches. You need to get yourself registered with SEMrush first and then you will be able to access this Plugin for free (just for 1 account). For unlimited accounts you have to go for paid accounts.

All in one schema.org rich snippets: This Plugin is useful when you need to have an accurate search results of any page on any search engine like Google, yahoo, Bing Facebook etc. Its basically a schema markup Plugin that support schema types like articles, review, service, events, products, recipes etc. Let us have a look at its benefits

  • It shows only prime and accurate information in search results
  • photo, price author and other rich snippets help to top among your competitors
  • when user share your content’s link on Facebook, it helps to show accurate information
  • overall it helps to acquire your page high rank

Here is the list of all the schema types that this Plugin supports

  • Video
  • People
  • Product
  • Event
  • Software application
  • Recipe
  • Articles
  • Review

So these are the most frequently used and preferred Plugins of WordPress Support.