How to install WordPress application in GoDaddy?

How to install WordPress application in GoDaddy?

WordPress and GoDaddy both are the most widely used content management system and domain registrar respectively. It is pretty interesting to learn the installation procedure of WordPress application in GoDaddy domain registrar. In this blog we will discuss about How to install WordPress application in GoDaddy domain or subdomain by WordPress Support. To begin with we must ensure of a few basic facts like you must need to have a web hosting account in GoDaddy and a registered domain. Here you must note that GoDaddy already has got its own ‘one click hosting application’ which helps you to install WordPress easily with a single click. But experts recommend you to go for a manual installation as the single click process can cause some terrible security issues. Follow the steps written below

Basic steps

  • Get your own domain: You must need to buy a web address from GoDaddy where your WordPress Supported website will comes into life. Once you pay money to GoDaddy and they will take care of it.
  • Buy web hosting:Hosting provider is something which keeps all the required files in store, that are needed to build up your website with the help of its back-end technology. To purchase GoDaddy’s hosting service you must go the login page of your GoDaddy account which will appear automatically after login. Now go for the ‘Product’ tab and click on it. Now go to the column which is there on the left-hand side of the webpage and from the ‘Website option’ choose ‘Hosting’.

WordPress is supposed to be compatible with Windows and many people use Windows for WordPress as well. However, it is observed error occurs while using WordPress with Windows. Therefore, if you really don’t have any solid reason to use Windows go for Linux. Even to access site’s error logs, you must need to have Linux version.

Steps to switch from Linux to Window

Here are the few steps that switch from Linux to Windows in case if you already have purchased a Windows version

  • Go to your GoDaddy account’s home page and go for the heading product
  • Now go for the ‘Hosting’ option, there you will find domain name
  • Click on the domain name and a pop-up window will appear
  • In that pop-up you will see three separate tabs like ‘Overview’ ‘Edit account details’ and ‘Edit renewal detail’
  • Now lick on ‘Edit account Details’ and then from the drop -down menu select ‘Plan:’ to switch from Windows to Linux.
  • You will get a notification stating that it may take 1 hours to 72 hours.

Set up database for your GoDaddy WordPress

  • Go to the home page of hosting control and click on the tab named ‘Domain’ name.
  • And then click on ‘Hosting’ from the ‘Domain’ option
  • And from that ‘Domain’ option find ‘Hosting’
  • From ‘Hosting’ go to ‘Databases’
  • Now if you expend the ‘Databases’ you will find ‘MySQL’ at the bottom of the list
  • MySQL’ dashboard will open. In this dashboard you will also find ‘content’ ‘statistics’ and ‘settings’ options.
  • Now go to the upper right corner of you window and choose ‘Create database’, it will take some time
  • Next a pop-up will appear asking for a database name
  • Next a pop-up will appear asking for a database name
  • There are some standards which you have to follow while giving your database a name.

Set up and install WordPress

  • For a successful installation you must change the value ‘localhost’ of wp-config.php file
  • To change it go the dashboard of ‘MySQL’ and select the pencil icon near Database. Then copy the value of ‘Host name’ and paste it into ‘localhost’ of wp-config.php
  • Now run the installation tool to install WordPress. The installation procedure will ask for a username and password in due course. Choose some unconventional username and password for a security.

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