How to create a Website using WordPress?

How to create a Website using WordPress?

WordPress is a popular content management system preferred by most of the web bloggers around the globe. It is mostly preferred because of it’s easy to use nature. Business men, artists, freelancers everyone loves WordPress. Here in this blog we will learn about how to create a website using WordPress by WordPress Support

Acquire a domain name and Web hosting

Before you begin with the WordPress setup procedure you must need to have a website address or domain name and a web hosting service through which your website will get connected to internet. Though WordPress is a free content management system, you need to pay a certain amount of money to get a domain name and web hosting. It’s always preferable to have your own hosting. Firstly, because it sounds professional to have you own domain name and secondly your website opens quickly and there will be no time lapse. Last but not the least it’s very much affordable.

How to get a free domain name and hosting?

There are various good web hosting companies available in market. However, in this blog we have considered Bluehost.

  • Choosing a web hosting plan: To choose a web hosting plan go to the Blue host’s webpage and click on the option ‘get started now’. It will redirect you to another page. From where you have chosen a suitable hosting plan. For a beginner ‘Basic’ plan will be perfect. Other plans like ‘Plus’ and ‘Prime’ are also there in the list. But they are mostly used by websites that are used by a huge number of people on a day Or if You Using Godaddy Hosting so How to install WordPress application in GoDaddy?
  • Get a domain name:Usually domain names come with .com, .net, .org extensions but nowadays people are using domain names like .agency, .pizza et. To create a new domain name, follow the steps below

For a big company your domain name must be same with your company name and for a small business you can name your domain after your name.

  • Let us choose CreateaWebsite.org as a domain name to build this website
  • Now go to the ‘create your account page’ and enter required information like your first name, last name, country name, phone number, e-mail address, zip code and last but not the least payment information.
  • Next comes ‘Package information’ here you need to pick up a suitable package of Blue host. Various types of security packages are available at various prices. This step is necessary to complete your registration.
  • Once you pay the amount for your package and get yourself registered. You need to create a password.

Set up and customize your site

Since you have bought the domain name and web hosting let’s start with the WordPress installation procedure

Installation procedure

There are two types of installation procedures for WordPress. Once-click installation and manual installation. Experts suggest that manual one is more secure than the one-click installation.

One-click installation process of WordPress:

It’s pretty simple, just a matter of few steps. Those few easy steps are listed below

  • Login to the webhosting account
  • Then go to the control panel
  • Search for ‘WordPress’ or ‘Website’ icon
  • Give a proper domain name for your website
  • And then click on ‘Install now’

Manual installation of WordPress: For a manual installation check the link

Choosing a theme

After you are done with the WordPress installation a by default theme will be there but for a customized theme go to the ‘design template’. You will find a n-number of themes there. Select a suitable one of your choice.

How to find a suitable theme

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard
  • Then go to the sidebar which there on the left-hand side, click on ‘Appearance’ and then click on ‘Themes’. You will find nearly 1500 themes here.
  • For more go to the ThemeForest.net
  • After you made up your mind for a suitable theme you have to click on ‘install’ to install the theme and then click on ‘Activate’

How to add content and how to create page

How to add and edit a page: Search for the ‘Pages’ option and select “Add new’. And a new page is created.

Add page to navigation bar

  • Now to save all the changes that you have made (if you have any) on the page click on ‘Update’ button.
  • Then, again go to the sidebar of the WordPress dashboard, click on ‘Appearance > Menus’
  • Now from the ‘Menus’ find out the page that you created, click on its checkbox and click on ‘Add to Menu’ to add it to the list

How to add and edit posts

  • Follow the path Post>Category to generate a new category
  • Next to create a new blog post go to the path ‘Posts> Add New’

After, you have created your category add this category to menu and you are ready for business.

Change your Title and tagline

Page titles tells viewers what your website is about. They also play an important role to take your page ranking higher on search engines. You must choose a title in such way that it can be used as a potential keyword. Tagline are used along with titles.

  • To change title and tagline go to the path Settings > General

Add a photo to give a pictorial view of the process (How to change title)

Disabling comments for posts and pages

Sometimes website owners don’t wish to allow viewer to comment on their pages.

Follow the steps below to disable comment option on WordPress pages

  • To create a new page, go to the upper right corner of your WordPress dashboard and find ‘Screen options’
  • Now click on ‘Discussion’ box to expand it. You will find “Allow Comment” box at the end of the list.
  • Uncheck the ‘Allow comment’ option
  • Now to disable comment on every page option, follow the path ‘Settings>Discussions’ and uncheck ‘Allow people to post comments on new articles’

How to setup a static front page?

A blog always shows its first new article on the top. Whereas a static page will show same content whenever you visit the site just like a home page. For that you need to set up a static front page. Otherwise WordPress will pick the recent post and will show it on home page. Follow the steps below to setup a static page

  • Follow the path ‘Settings> Reading’
  • And then select a static page which you must have created
  • Here points to note that ‘Front page’ means home page an ‘Post page’ means front page of your blog.

How to edit a sidebar?

Normally for a in WordPress environment sidebars are located on the right side of the screen. If you don’t like sidebar you can hide it. Below are the steps that tells how to get rid of sidebar

  • From WordPress dashboard follow the path ‘Appearance>Widge
  • Now you can drag and drop some items which you don’t like to see on sidebar

How to install Plugins in WordPress Environment?

Plugins are used to give additional features to WordPress. With a Plugin you can edit title, descriptions and many more things. Follow the steps below to install a new Plugin

1.To start with go to the path ‘Plugins>Add New’ and then begin to search for new Plugin. More than 25,000 keywords are available, select carefully from them. And once you are done with your keyword finalization, click on ‘install’

And that’s it! By now you are ready with your Website. and if You need WordPress Help aur Support for Wordpress Website then Contact Us Our WordPress Australia Number +61 1800 845 219